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Frigg devotional incense blend

Frigg devotional incense blend

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Introducing our devotional incense blend, a tribute to the revered Norse goddess Frigg. This blend features a harmonious fusion of organic Birch bark and leaves, Meadowsweet, Angelica root, Rose, and Lavender – capturing Frigg's nurturing, protective, and wise essence.

Available in a choice of packaging, you can opt for the meticulously crafted 150ml glass bottle with a cork stopper, proudly made in Germany, or choose the eco-friendly 100% compostable cellophane bags in both 150ml and 450ml sizes.

As you burn this incense, allow yourself to connect with the divine presence of Frigg, invoking her blessings, guidance, and maternal energy into your spiritual practice.





Incense blend: Rose, Lavender, Birch bark and leaves, Angelica root, Meadowsweet (all organic)
Bag: 100% compostable cellophane
Bottle: Glass & cork


150ml or 450ml

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