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Earthen Essence incense blend

Earthen Essence incense blend

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Introducing "Earthen Essence" – a meticulously crafted loose incense blend designed to aid in energetic grounding, promoting a deeper connection to the present moment. Made from organic stinging nettle root, oak bark, chamomile, plantain, pine needles, and birch bark, this blend offers a natural solution for those seeking to center themselves and feel more grounded.

Feeling disconnected or scattered? "Earthen Essence" is your solution. Simply burn this incense to envelop your space with its grounding aroma, helping you to anchor your energy and feel more rooted in your body and surroundings.

Experience the transformative effects of "Earthen Essence" as you reconnect with the earth and find balance in your daily life. Elevate your sense of grounding and mindfulness with this essential addition to your self-care routine. 


Incense blend: Chamomile, Oak bark, Pine needles, Birch bark, Plantain, Stinging nettle root (all organic)
Bag: 100% compostable cellophane
Bottle: Glass & cork


150ml or 450ml

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