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Dare Devil intention powder

Dare Devil intention powder

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Introducing "Dare Devil" – a purposeful intention powder meticulously crafted from organic Ginger, Oak bark, St. John's Wort, Cloves, and Cinnamon bark.

This unique blend is designed to supercharge your willpower, assertiveness, initiative, and determination, propelling you into a proactive work mode. Its practical applications range from serving as incense to enhancing spellwork by dressing candles, creating spell bags, or using it on poppets. "Dare Devil" offers a grounded approach to breaking free from a rut and igniting your inner drive. With its down-to-earth uses, this powder becomes your go-to companion whenever you need a boost of motivation and action.


Oak bark, Ginger, St Johns Wort, Cinnamon bark, Cloves (all organic)



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