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Bad Bitch intention powder

Bad Bitch intention powder

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Introducing "Bad Bitch" Intention Powder - a powerful blend designed to ignite your self-confidence and promote self-love. Crafted with organic rose petals, cinnamon bark, cloves, oak bark, and hibiscus, this transformative powder empowers you to embrace your inner strength and radiate self-assurance.

"Bad Bitch" can be used on its own or incorporated into your spellwork, amplifying your intentions for self-confidence and self-love. Dress your candles with this enchanting powder or use it as incense to create a sacred space that uplifts and empowers you.

Packaged in a compostable cellophane bag, "Bad Bitch" aligns with your intentions while embodying sustainability. Embrace your inner power, embrace self-confidence, and let "Bad Bitch" be your catalyst for self-love and unapologetic authenticity.


Rose petals, cinnamon bark, cloves, oak bark, hibiscus (all organic)



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