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Bad Bitch incense blend

Bad Bitch incense blend

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Introducing "Bad Bitch" - an empowering loose incense blend designed to enhance self-confidence and self-love, making you feel like a true force to be reckoned with. Crafted with organic rose petals, cinnamon, cloves, oak bark, hibiscus, and cacao nibs, this blend ignites your inner fire and radiates a fierce energy.

Choose from three sustainable options - a 150ml glass bottle crafted in Germany, a 150ml compostable cellophane bag, or a 450ml compostable cellophane bag - and embrace your inner "Bad Bitch" in style.

As the aromas of rose petals, cinnamon, cloves, oak bark, hibiscus, and cacao nibs fill the air, feel a surge of confidence and self-love wash over you, empowering you to conquer any challenge that comes your way. Embrace your authentic power with "Bad Bitch" and unleash the bold, fierce, and unstoppable energy within you.



Incense blend: rose petals, cinnamon bark, cloves, hibiscus, cacao nibs, oak bark (all organic)
Bag: 100% compostable cellophane
Bottle: Glass & cork


150ml or 450ml

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