My Values


As a queer person myself it's extremely important to me to be as inclusive, respectful and welcoming as possible to anyone, no matter their gender identity, sexuality or skin color. In my opinion all people are equal and should be treated like it. Racists, sexists, anti-LGBTQIA+ people, ableist, antisemites, etc. are NOT welcome to shop here! This is supposed to be a safe space for minority groups so if I ever find out any of my customers are any of the above I will deny you any further service.

Of course I am still a human though and humans make mistakes. So should you ever find something offensive on my shop, no matter if it's something I say on social media or if it's a product, please let me know so that I can educate myself on it and change it.

Also, in case your legal name is your deadname and you don't want me to use it in emails and on thank you cards, please let me know which name you want me to call you! I don't ever want to accidentally call someone their deadname! <3


Far too many companies focus on profit first and nature last during a time when everyone should be concerned about planet earths resources. In my opinion it is the responsibility of every single business owner to ensure the sustainability of their business. Especially in the field of spirituality where everyone claims to be in tune with nature, it saddens me to see how many businesses still don't care about sustainability, using copious amounts of plastic in their packaging, using materials produced under very unsustainable circumstances, etc.

Here at Sacred Sorcery, planet earth has a higher value than profit. That's why I always make sure to make the most sustainable choices. One way I try to ensure to be as sustainable as possible is by reusing as much packaging material as possible. When I get new materials shipped to me I keep all of the packaging material, including plastics like bubble wrap. This is the only plastic you'll ever see me use. I never buy plastic packaging material. Moreover I buy other peoples scrap fabrics to wrap crystals. So if you purchase crystals you get them wrapped in a little piece of cloth that you in turn can reuse for spell bags!

Whenever I need new material for the things I make by hand I try to find the most sustainable alternative. That means only selling organic sustainably grown or collected herbs, candle wax from sustainably sourced materials, FSC certified wood, etc. Of course that does not mean that my shop is 100% sustainable. Unfortunately that is simply not possible and it is important to me to make that clear. But I do my research the best I can and try to always make the most sustainable choices. 

Ethical trading

Just like sustainability in my opinion ethical trading should be a given. Sadly this is not the case. With items produced in sweat shops it's easier to make a big profit, so most businesses still sell them. I personally could never settle on making a big profit off of other peoples suffering. That's why I do my best to ensure that the products I sell and the materials I use were sourced ethically. Sometimes that means that my products are a little bit pricier than elsewhere or that I make less profit, but a clear conscience is worth it!

The businesses I buy my crystals from regularly visit the mines the crystals are sourced from to ensure that the people there work under good working conditions. They also support the Fairtrade Minerals Initiative. When it comes to other materials and products I try to, if possible, get Fairtrade materials. Unfortunately that's not possible a lot of the times, but for example with my 7 day candles I was successful. I also try to source products and materials that were made in Germany or otherwise in the EU as much as possible because the working conditions here are much more regulated.