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Sacred Sentinel incense blend

Sacred Sentinel incense blend

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Introducing "Sacred Sentinel" - an exceptional loose incense blend meticulously crafted to create a protective atmosphere during rituals. This powerful blend combines organic mugwort, angelica root, birch bark, rosemary, and pine needles, weaving together a potent shield of spiritual energy.

Choose from three sustainable options - a 150ml glass bottle crafted in Germany, a 150ml compostable cellophane bag, or a 450ml compostable cellophane bag - and invoke the protective presence of the "Sacred Sentinel" in your sacred space.

As the aromatic symphony of mugwort, angelica root, birch bark, rosemary, and pine needles fills the air, a shield of energy envelops you, warding off negativity and creating a sacred sanctuary for your rituals. Embrace the empowering energy of the "Sacred Sentinel" and embark on your spiritual journey with confidence and protection.


Incense blend: mugwort, birch bark, angelica root, pine needles, rosemary (all organic)
Bag: 100% compostable cellophane
Bottle: Glass & cork


150ml or 450ml

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