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Sacred Sentinel Protection Spell Kit

Sacred Sentinel Protection Spell Kit

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Casting a spell has never been easier!

With the Sacred Sentinel Protection Spell Kit you get everything you need to craft a powerful protective spell bag for yourself or a loved one. Inspired by Folk Magick and pre-Christian Scandinavian practices, sustainably and ethically sourced materials were procured to ensure that not only does this spell bag tie back to ancient times, but it also lives up to contemporary ethics. All herbs included in this kit are organic, the crystal was ethically sourced and the drawstring bag is fair trade (in case you want me to remove the fair trade tag, leave a note with your order). The cast iron nail and the pewter Thors Hammer pendant were made by fellow small businesses in Germany and Scotland.

Two digital Grimoire pages are included with the kit that provide a comprehensive spell walkthrough, offering techniques and incantations for charging and weaving intention into the materials and the finished spell bag. It ensures that this kit is accessible to everyone, including beginners, as the Grimoire pages guide you through every step of the process. Examples for personalisation are also given in the Grimoire pages, ensuring that while this kit is beginner friendly, advanced practitioners can weave their own ideas into the spell. 

Also included in the Grimoire pages is an example bind rune created by me (The Norse Witch), which you are welcome to use. But of course here also lies capability for personalisation. Feel free to create your own bind rune as needed.

You‘ll be able to download the digital Grimoire pages on the order confirmation page as well as through a seperate email you‘ll be receiving after placing the order. In case you can’t find the email, first check your spam folder, and if you can’t find it there either, just send me an email and I’ll resent the download email manually.

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