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Loki devotional incense blend

Loki devotional incense blend

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Introducing this exclusive loose incense blend, a devotional offering crafted with utmost care to honor the Norse god Loki. This extraordinary blend combines organic cinnamon, cloves, basil, peppermint, stinging nettle leaves, and wormwood, capturing the essence of Loki's enigmatic nature.

Available in three sustainable packaging options, including a 150ml glass bottle crafted in Germany, as well as 150ml and 450ml compostable cellophane bags, "Loki's Embrace" offers a convenient and eco-friendly choice for your devotional practices.

Ignite a pinch of this remarkable blend and be enveloped by its captivating aroma, invoking Loki's energy and presence. Allow the sacred blend of aromatic ingredients to kindle your connection with Loki, inviting his transformative energy into your rituals and honoring his unique role in Norse mythology.


Incense blend: cinnamon, cloves, peppermint, basil, stinging nettle, wormwood (all organic)
Bag: 100% compostable cellophane
Bottle: Glass & cork


150ml or 450ml

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