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Fruitful Future intention powder

Fruitful Future intention powder

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Introducing "Fruitful Future" – an intentional powder blend meticulously crafted from organic Lady's Mantle, Yarrow, Pine needles, Birch Bark, and Pomegranate peel.

This unique blend is designed to enhance fertility, promising a fruitful future. Its practical applications include use as incense or as a versatile component in spellwork – from dressing candles to creating spell bags or applying it to poppets. "Fruitful Future" offers a grounded approach to boosting fertility, regardless of the context. With its practical applications, this powder becomes your ally in nurturing the potential for growth and abundance in various aspects of life.



Pomegranate Peel, Yarrow, Lady's Mantle, Pine Needles, Birch Bark (all organic)



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