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As a witch that places high value on the sustainability and ethics of their craft, I know how challenging it can be to find tools that adhere to my standards. Browsing online shops endlessly in search for sustainable and ethically sourced tools can be a struggle. That's why I founded Sacred Sorcery. Here you can shop without worrying about how the products were sourced - I personally make sure that the most sustainable and ethical choices are made during the production and sourcing of all Sacred Sorcery products, even if that means that the selection is smaller or that I make less money.

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  • A Safe Space

    As a queer person myself it's extremely important to me to be as inclusive, respectful and welcoming as possible to anyone, no matter their gender identity, sexuality or skin color. Should you ever find something offensive on my shop, please let me know so that I can educate myself on it and change it. Also, in case your legal name is your deadname and you don't want me to use it to address you with it in emails and on thank you cards, please let me know which name you want me to call you! I don't ever want to accidentally call someone their deadname! <3

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  • Sustainability

    Far too many companies focus on profit first and nature last, during a time when everyone should be concerned about planet earths resources. In my opinion it is the responsibility of every single business owner to ensure the sustainability of their business. Especially in the field of spirituality, where everyone claims to be in tune with nature, it saddens me to see how many businesses still don't care about sustainability. Here at Sacred Sorcery, planet earth has a higher value than profit. That's why I always make sure to make the most sustainable choices.

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  • Ethical trading

    Just like sustainability in my opinion ethical trading should be a given. Sadly this is not the case. With items produced in sweat shops its easier to make a big profit, so most businesses still sell them. I personally could never settle on making a big profit off of other peoples suffering. That's why I do my best to ensure that the products I sell and the materials I use were sourced ethically. Sometimes that means that my products are a little bit pricier than elsewhere or that I make less profit, but a clear conscience is worth it!

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My name is Bente and I'm from Northern Germany. I've been a witch for about 6-7 years and heathen for about 2. Besides this shop I'm also a content creator on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok under the name "The Norse Witch".

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